Over the years, there has been a tremendous growth in the wedding film industry and the most notable is the increased demand for same day edits. In fact, according to an experienced videographer, about 42% of couples opt for SDEs; a number that’s fast increasing. Same day edits basically are a fully produced wedding trailer by a wedding photographer that’s put together and edited and that’s later shown during the reception for the guests and the couples. There are so many benefits of this.


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Give a new angle for your guests


When your guests arrive at your wedding ceremony, their access is limited. They cannot be everywhere the same time to experience everything that’s happening. There are other fun parts like the grooms and bridesmaids getting ready for the ceremony as well that they may not be part of. You, however, invite them into the whole wedding experience by letting them see and make them present as you dress up for the day. They also get to see the moments they may have missed due to other factors. A competent


For those in absence, when you have a wedding photographer with curiosity reduces for most of the weddings, couples are usually subjected to torturous anxiety by their bride and groom experience missed moments.


The bride and the groom as well miss so much during the wedding ceremony. For example, they couldn’t read people’s reactions like their parents when they first said their vows and how they thought of the decorations and their choice. They would also want to relive the moment when they had their first dance, first kiss, wore the rings, received an


Your joy, as well as that of your guests, will be heightened with SDEs as they add intense color to any wedding celebration whether Life Studios Inc.