Hair Styles and Habits that Add Years to Your Looks

Who doesn’t want a hair style that looks so good you stop to admire it every time you pass by a mirror? Yes, you do. With just a few minutes session of blow dry Bondi Junction offers, you can achieve those gorgeous-looking locks that you can’t stop looking or touching. Here’s something to ponder on, you may not look impeccable overall. That is, your hair looks and feels great, but it’s not doing much for your appearance. What it is doing, however, is make you look older than you really are.

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Hair Mistakes You Should Avoid

Keeping it long for too long

Hair length that has gone past your ribs can add years to your looks, according to a majority of stylists. There’s long and then there’s the so-called cat lady long, which will make you look older. So even if you’re rocking that long hair, there is a point that you don’t want to pass. If you think you need your hair cut to get back that youthful appearance, book a visit to Catwalk Platinum. They offer cut and blow dry in Bondi Junction.

Sporting the wrong length and cut

The search for the perfect haircut for the right face shape can be elusive for a lot of people, thus, the need for a stylist. But even without professional input, there are rules that will tell you you’re doing it wrong.

  • Keeping it long when your hair is thinning will only accentuate hair loss.
  • Choosing a cut with the same length all over makes you look dowdy.
  • Not updating your hairstyle for a long time is almost criminal. Click here Catwalk Platinum

Never changing your look

As previously mentioned, not updating your hairstyle is a major no-no. But you will look even older if you sport the same cut for decades. You’ll definitely stand out like a sore thumb if your hair looks the same like it did 10 or 20 years ago. Hairstyles and hairdressing have dramatically evolved, after all. So book a cut and the best blow dry in Bondi.

Coloring it too dark

The rule of thumb is that the color of your hair should complement your skin tone. You can go a shade or two darker but not too dark, as this can add years to your face instantly.

Too much volume

Don’t you just love how soft and bouncy your hair looks after a blow dry Bondi Junction offers? It has just the right volume too. Going overboard, however, will age you. So stick to a little volume and make sure it’s in the right places.

Parting your hair the wrong way

Who knew that how you part your hair could add years to your face? It might be something you do without thought but you could be doing it wrong. Since parting it in the middle and straight down doesn’t work for everyone, you should consult with a stylist. This way, when you get a Bondi Junction blow dry, you already know how to part your hair.

Want to look younger without a lot of effort? Avoid the hair mistakes above and a get blow dry Bondi Junction provides.

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Aged Care 101: Utilizing Technology to Enhance Aged Care Services

For providers of aged care Toorak has to offer, it is a consistent effort to provide high-quality care to patients. The services provided are for seniors who need assistance with daily living or those who require medical care due to an existing health condition. Either way, technology is now incorporated into the services to ensure that seniors get the best quality care they can get.

Digital Communication

The best and modern facilities that provide aged care Hawthorn has to offer have incorporated the use of information and communication technology. There are two main applications for this: for the service staff and for the patients.

For the service staff, the use of technology makes planning and communication easier in terms of providing the seniors focused care. It is easier to assess and update records for each patient. Hence, you will be able to determine what type of services is needed and what else can be done to enhance the level of quality of care for each patient.

On the other end of the spectrum, the patients of Armadale aged care facilities can utilize the technology to their advantage. Even though older people are not keen on embracing technology or the use of computers, they will soon appreciate its benefits. One of the most beneficial uses of technology within a facility that provides aged care Toorak currently has is the ability to stay in constant communication with your family. Even when you are in a senior care facility miles away from home, you can stay in touch with your family via email or video calls. This will ease the challenges associated with staying in a nursing care facility, especially if the patient is unable to get home care due to their health restrictions. It is the next best thing to being at home with their family. Check Aarcare for more details.

Moreover, there are other uses of technology that includes reading the news or other materials in a large print. Or, they can also play games to stimulate their minds. These are simple applications of technology within the Ashburton aged care facility setting that can prove highly beneficial for the seniors.

Limitations of Technology

For the care providers, the use of technology will definitely make their lives easier. From handling patient records to providing diagnosis and treatment for their senior patients, all of these can be done more efficiently and precision when technology is involved. But technology should only be viewed as a way to enhance the current services offered, not replace it. Technology will never replace the human care and affection that nursing care providers can give to patients. It is, therefore, an important thing for families of seniors to consider – that technology is not a make-or-break factor when choosing a nursing care facility for their loved ones.

If you are looking for the best aged care Toorak has today, go to They continually strive to enhance their services to meet the unique needs of seniors and their families. While they use technology to facilitate ease of providing their services, there is no equivalent to the training of their staff and personal commitment to make the lives of seniors easier and better.

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