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Appropriate Steps to Administering Workplace Flu Shots in Sydney and Avoid Legal Issues

Though flu vaccination can be costly, companies do implement such a programme to keep their employees as healthy as possible. In Sydney, for example, many employers are exercising the right to mandate it as a condition of employment. Usually, they require workplace flu shots Sydney has to prevent the illness from spreading and achieve less absenteeism.

However, you should remember that there are exceptions in implementing this programme, and violating them could result to legal issues. So, if you decide a mandatory flu vaccination in your organisation, make sure you use the best approach to protect the interest of everyone. Here are the steps to take:

1. Create a clear and legally sound flu vaccination policy.

To develop a policy that will stand up to any legal challenge that might come up in administering workplace flu shots in Sydney, you should work closely with your HR manager and a councillor. In the process, check out relevant laws in the city that you can base on. Once you finished making the policy, let your people know about it so they will understand your expectations.

2. Choose organisers for the programme.

Designate a campaign coordinator and manager who will take care of planning and implementing your company’s flu shot programme.  These individuals will also be the ones who will review your needs, choose the clinic, and determine vaccination protocols to make sure all queries about conducting such a programme will be answered.

3. Prepare the paperwork.

It is crucial to plan how you will keep records before pushing through your flu vaccination campaign. This way, you can ensure that your employees who agree to get vaccinated will get their shots in a timely manner.

4. Consider giving room for exceptions.

Remember that some of your employees will refuse to receive workplace flu shots Sydney has for a variety of reasons. In respect to their decision, you should develop a system that allows requests for exemption. You would see that some requests will be more legit than the others, but make sure to take each of them seriously to avoid potential legal issues.

5. Set a proper schedule to carry out the programme.

When setting a date to administer flu vaccine to your employees, make sure it is not in conflict with any of your company’s prior engagements. Once set, make the appropriate arrangements from vaxsmart.

6. Encourage, but do not force, your employees to participate.

Keep in mind that some of your employees might have concerns about the effectiveness and safety of Sydney workplace flu shots. Nevertheless, you can encourage them to participate by stressing the benefits of the vaccine. You can even ask the local health department for ways to improve participation. Then lastly, finalise the number of participants.

You will be making a substantial investment in administering a flu shot programme in your company, so make sure to act accordingly to avoid pitfalls along the way. By taking the steps above, you can keep your employees healthy, while preventing legal issues to arise. Now, to find workplace flu shots Sydney has, visit