Photographer or Videographer: Which is More Important?

Planning a wedding is an expensive undertaking. There are many things to consider and pay for – from the venue, to the gown and suit, to the food and wedding planner. When you are on a budget crunch, you are often left to decide to let go either the videographer or photographer. While there are professional studios such as Life Studios Inc that can offer you both services, there are some couples who would simply prefer one over the other due to budget restrictions. If you are faced with this dilemma, how do you decide?


Many consider a photographer to be one of the most important parts of a wedding. If you are traditional and prefer keeping a photo for your wedding day, then you should opt to hire a photographer or team of photographers. With this team in tow, you can expect them to capture every important moment in your big day – from you walking down the aisle, to the exchanging of vows, first kiss, first dance and candid moments of your guests.

It is also customary for couples to keep all of their wedding photos in an album. Hence, you will be able to re-live those special memories of your big day by browsing pages after pages of your wedding album.


Wedding films might be a huge trend in modern weddings today but it was not until recently when they became a common sight. As mentioned above, photographers are the most common option for traditional weddings. Nowadays, a wedding photo is not enough though. Couples like to have their own wedding video recorded as well. This gives you a more interactive experience when trying to re-live the special memories of your wedding day. Some people might feel like a photo is too limiting; but a video can offer so much more than a photo can!

In fact, a particular style of wedding film known as SDE or Same Day Edit is very popular today. The footage taken from the wedding day are edited on-site and shown at the reception for you, and your guests, to enjoy. Of course, you will also get a copy of your full wedding documentation so you can re-watch everything: from the wedding preparation to the fun at the reception.

Choosing between hiring a videographer or photographer will depend on your budget and preferences. If you want to go the traditional route, you can opt for a photographer. If you would like to experience your wedding day through video, then you can hire a videographer. But if you can spare some extra budget, hiring professionals like Life Studios Inc to do both can definitely prove to be worthwhile.

When you work with Life Studios Inc in Vancouver, there is no need to choose one of the two. They can offer both photography and videography services so you can get the best of both worlds. By choosing to hire a team that can do both, you can relish memories of your most important day in any form of media that you like. If you would like to learn more, visit

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